Flannel Fleece Baby Blanket


Newest to Tiger Lily's baby blanket range is the super soft, cuddly and warm fleece blanket. Each baby blanket is trimmed with satin which little ones find soothing, especially when it comes to sleep time. These blankets are currently available in navy, white and black (waiting on my fabric suppliers to get some more grey in!).

Each blanket is approximately 75cm x 1m in size. Please click this link to see more details!

And for warmer weather please also take a look at our lighter brushed cotton blankies and cotton voile wraps.

Well, that's a wrap for today ;)

Sam *

Project - Red Cross Children's Hospital

No matter what our circumstances, there is always someone in a worse off position. For the little ones making use of the Red Cross Children's Hospital, the situation is often much harder than experienced by many of us.

Sometimes we may feel that there's not much point in doing little things because it doesn't make a dent in the ocean of needs required by so many families. But, if we all did a little bit? It adds up quickly and can have a snowball effect. We may not even know the lives that we touch, albeit briefly but if it can make a small difference surely its worth it?

I would love for Tiger Lily to give back, even just a little bit. Let's face it, it's not easy to make profits running a small business but even just a blanket or two here and there might just make a difference. I hope so!

So, today we delivered 7 blankets and 15 felt birds. It's not much but it's a start. I really hope we can make this a regular activity.

One small step at a time.

Sam *

Spring has sprung!

Photography: flowergirllosangeles.com (text my own)

Hello everyone!

While winter definitely has it's positives (a cosy morning of reading in bed while its pouring with rain outside anyone?!) I am definitely more of a spring and summer kind of person. 

So, I am delighted that even though the weather isn't really playing along, Spring is finally here. Along with longer, brighter days comes more energy and general motivation.

Happy spring day ... I hope you enjoy the cheeriness!